Benefits of the membership

As a service provider, lawyers, and immigration agency, you can be part of the Opengate community as a preferred member. Membership with Opengate gives you access to a wide range of privileges and opportunities, such as the reference in the Opengate directory of trusted providers, cross-reference to your website, invitation to a webinar, and a free subscription to the Opengate newsletter and pre-IPO notifications.

Membership Issuers

An Opengate listed company meets the eligibility criteria and the ongoing obligations of one or several economic immigration programs supported by OpenGate. On top of being listed, the issuer that subscribes for membership will get extra visibility for their offering on Opengate and access to sponsorship opportunities.

Membership Immigrant agencies

A company that provides regulated immigration services connected with one or several economic migration programs supported by Opengate can become a member of the immigration agencies category Membership for immigration agency gives access to extra visibility in the Opengate directory of trusted providers, such as the right to display your logo, phone number, and a link to your website.

Associate member

A member under this category is an association, service provider or organization whose activity is related to the economic immigration sector such as lawyers, accountants, consultants, or real estate agent.

Membership preferential access

A company that contributes to the development of OpenGate by promoting its activities can be granted preferential membership access. If you post a referral link to on your website and publish editorial content on social media, blog, or other about Opengate activities, you can be granted a preferential access membership for material contribution to the Opengate community.

For any information about becoming an Opengate member, please fill the form below, and one of our agents will contact you shortly.

Inquiry form – Opengate membership

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