WhiteHaven Securities is continuing to innovate the financial services landscape and always looking in adapting its services and solutions.  Today, it unveils its latest strategic initiative aimed at shaping the immigration by investment industry: Opengate.

Opengate.world is the global marketplace for eligible investments that comply with selected economic immigration programs in Europe, the Caribbean and North America. This WhiteHaven Securities initiative is operated in collaboration with Isatis Capital Group,

Opengate.world is a securities portal designed and dedicated to economic immigration candidates looking for investment opportunities that comply with a specific residency or passport program which allow investment into intangible liquid assets.


“WhiteHaven keeps evolving and reinventing itself in order to proactively meet the needs of clients and potential clients looking to broaden the reach of their financial goals.  Opengate extends this beyond our walls and all across the world. Opengate is a creative and flexible platform adapted to our post-COVID reality where we expect to see one of the largest immigration movements shaping our times.”
– Tommy Baltzis, CEO of WhiteHaven Securities

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